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Taxi Cab in Amsterdam, New York

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Taxi Service in Amsterdam, New York

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Taxi Cab in Amsterdam, New York

Amsterdam is a charming city in upstate New York, nestled in the Mohawk Valley region. Originally settled by Dutch colonists in the 18th century, the city retains much of its historic character and heritage. With its picturesque canal system, vibrant downtown area, and proximity to natural attractions, Amsterdam offers a delightful mix of cultural and recreational opportunities for visitors.

  • The city of Amsterdam derives its name from the Dutch city of the same name, reflecting its Dutch colonial roots.

  • Amsterdam’s historic downtown district features well-preserved 19th-century architecture, including the iconic Mohawk Valley Gateway Overlook pedestrian bridge.

  • The Erie Canal, a historic waterway that played a crucial role in the development of New York State, passes through Amsterdam and offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and scenic cruises.

  • Each year, the city hosts the Amsterdam Waterfront Arts Festival, showcasing local artists, musicians, and performers against the backdrop of the scenic Mohawk River.

  • Outdoor enthusiasts can explore nearby natural attractions such as the Adirondack Mountains, Great Sacandaga Lake, and Peebles Island State Park, all within easy reach of Amsterdam.

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